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Ljudkonst längs Ångermanälven, Svanö & Prästmon
¨the DREAMOPHONIC WORKSHOP project – part 1 Listen to my Dreams¨
Art and Sound Installation

the DREAMOPHONIC WORKSHOP project was born out of my curiosity for dreams, lucid dreams and their purpose. Is it encrypted important information from our subconscious or just random nonsense? In the first part of the project I’ve explored how dreams can sound. I’ve created this sound piece by recording and converting my brains frequencies with an EEG to midi and it is a direct translation of my brains activity during REM-sleep.

Here is a link to my dream journal I kept during the project ( only in Swedish )the DREAMOPHONIC WORKSHOP project – Marie’s Dream Journal





dreams are also reality and reality are also dreams and dreams are also

I’m currently working day and night (literally) finishing the preparations for my final project in the sound art course I’ve been taking this year. Using an EEG I’m recording my brain activity when I’m dreaming converting the raw data to midi. So far I’ve learned some programming and finally got around to actually start using …